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Hollin Rigg Vets

J & JL Watkinson

Tel: 01969 623 107/ Fax: 01969 622026

Middleham Road, Leyburn, N Yorkshire, DL8 5HD

  • Welcome to Hollin Rigg Veterinary Surgery

    Welcome to Hollin Rigg Veterinary Surgery - providing a high standard of care to livestock, pets and equine in Leyburn, North Yorkshire.

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  • Keeping pets cuddly

    We'll do our best to keep your pets purr-fect!

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  • Keeping your herds healthy

    Hollin Rigg Vets has extensive expertise in livestock health, including disease prevention, fertility and yield optimisation.

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Hollin Rigg Vets' Leyburn practise

On May 1st 2014 the practice will be merging with Linscott Vets of Masham to form a new practice ‘Yoredale Vets’.

Please click on the link to be directed to the new practice website.


nb. Telephone number is unaltered
01969 623107




Hollin Rigg Vets offer farm animal, pet animal and equine care to the Wensleydale and district community.


Hollin Rigg Veterinary Surgery is a friendly family-based practice based in Leyburn, North Yorkshire. We have several decades of experience, a caring staff and an unwavering commitment to animal health.


We understand the importance of the family pet, the value of the competitive or working animal and the returns needed from livestock. In each case we urge our clients to invest in health, not pay for disease.


As well as maintaining high standards in all aspects of our practice, Hollin Rigg offers specific areas of expertise, such as embryo transfer, and works in partnership with other Vets in the North Yorkshire area to bring training and specialist services to local farmers.

Emergency call-outs
In a genuine animal emergency, call us immediately on
01969 623 107.